Your Journey to feeling better starts with a simple consultation.  We analyze your symptoms and then create a plan to test and treat your allergies.

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Allergy Testing

Allergy testing helps us determine what your body is sensitive to.

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Allergy Immunotherapy can desensitize you to the allergens that are affecting you on a daily basis

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Stop Suffering from Allergies

Significant advances over the past few years have led to amazing discoveries in the field of Immunotherapy.

Allergies—whether they’re seasonal or year-round—can put a serious damper on quality of life; in some cases, they can even be deadly. But for certain types of allergies, allergen immunotherapy (commonly known as allergy shots) can be a big help.

They may require a lot of time and effort, but the benefits of allergy shots can be life-changing and long-lasting for people of all ages. Their effectiveness for children and young adults is well known, and a 2016 study also found that they can be effective for older adults, as well—reducing symptoms of hay fever in people ages 65 to 75 by 55% after three years, and reducing the need for medication by 64%.


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